Since 2020

Founded by Shreya Parekh, DiveIn is a volunteer-led network set up to bridge the gap between diverse groups to come together to listen, learn and collaborate. 


There are many individuals, communities, groups and networks from a variety of backgrounds trying to increase awareness of their cause. DiveIn's mission is to bring these people together. Together to listen, together to learn and together to collaborate, with the purpose of authentically learning about others, so that we can create a more understanding and collaborative society - In the home, workplace and wherever we go in life, ensuring we think with a diversity and inclusion lens with every task we perform. 


We are a fast-growing collaboration network for change.



In 2021

27 volunteers dedicated their time

500 diverse community members and growing

8 Events and collaboration opportunities

500 people bought together through our events

44 Blogs written by our team of six guest bloggers

20 Partners and Collaborators

Nominated for The National Diversity Awards

Grow our partner network to provide our community with further opportunities to learn and collaborate through our events, and diversity and inclusion (D&I) initiatives


Advance diversity, inclusion and belonging for all by growing our D&I resources for our community to drive inclusive environments


Inspire D&I changes by providing collaboration opportunities through various DiveIn offerings driven by our community


Deliver multi-functional D&I events through industry-supported drivers 

For 2022


We want to nurture a forward-thinking society, that works together to challenge structures & systems, making a more inclusive environment for all.


We want to bridge the gap between diverse people and groups to come together to listen, learn, collaborate and create a network of communities.


Collaborate – Collaboration is how we move forward fast

Empathise – Think before you judge. Listen to others' perspectives in order to understand better.

Think Intersectional – We are all unique and see the world through a multi-dimensional lens.

Continuous Learning – Be open to change and understand this is a journey.