• Natasha Paramasamy

Be your own Valentine!

With Valentine’s day coming up, it is easy to have feelings of loneliness and isolation if you are not with a significant other. It may even be the case if you are in a relationship. Valentine’s day can be a day of celebrating love, but can also lead to toxic and unwanted thoughts. In the day of social media, it becomes almost impossible not to compare our valentines experience with others. All of the comparisons almost defeats the point of valentines day.

The day of love is also not just limited to spreading love to others. This can be a day to connect with friends and family, and more importantly- yourself! So ask yourself- have you reached out to your close connections recently? If not, this day might be the perfect opportunity to do so. This is also a very important step on the journey of self-love. This counts as the step of ‘discovering what is important to you. By reaching out to those who are important to you, you discover the fulfilment of social interaction and meaningful relationships.

The other self-love steps are defined as:

· ‘Accept that perfection doesn’t exist and accept your flaws’

· ‘Grow in ways that support what’s important to you’

· ‘Rinse and repeat’ -It’s important to remember that self-love isn’t loving every single thing about yourself 100% of the time, that’s not realistic.

Mindset is crucial when going into the valentines haze. It can be quite daunting- hearing different experiences and thoughts. The important thing is that you stay true to yourself, but also treat yourself! Write yourself a letter of affirmation, complimenting yourself and acknowledging all of your achievements. Call your friends and go out to dinner together, enjoy the company and build your connections.

This also may be the chance to tell someone how you feel. It could be the time to really solidify and gain some clarity on some relationships. This also is not just limited to romantic relationships. You may have troubles in relationships with family or friends, which you wish to gain a sense of stability. It could mean letting go of the toxicity and embracing the warmth and love.

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