• Param Barodia

Bringing Together Sustainability & Diversity

At first thought, you might not see much of a link between sustainability and diversity.

One deals with equality, inclusion, and representation within a society, and the other relates to maintaining our planet and climate for generations to come. You might then be surprised that the two are more closely linked than you think, much more.

Recognising the importance of diversity is an important starting point in any sustainable journey. It’s all about maintaining the planet, but also recognising that it needs to be maintained for all cultures and peoples, not just the nations who can afford to build environmental defences. This is a key facet of “climate justice” which forms the ethical aspect within the fight against climate change. It has allowed us to recognise that the nations which will be disproportionately affected by the sea levels rising are developing nations and that it falls to all nations to do their part in fighting global warming. Equality and diversity in decision making are key, as it allows the equity in the strategies that are developed to combat climate change.

Cultural diversity in sustainable development, especially in multicultural nations, is very important for any development to succeed. The collaboration and inclusion of diverse individuals is key to finding strategies that work for all the groups affected while remaining sustainable. That is exactly why it is so important to bring a diversity of opinions into decisions on sustainable projects. It can avoid oversights that will affect certain groups, and make sure the long-term benefits of the projects are equal between everyone.

Especially now that every purchase you make comes through a supply chain that can wrap around the world, diversity and sustainability are deeply linked in business and the economy. A Euro-centric led business will not properly take into account the impact that their supply chain has on the environment in other regions. It is therefore so important to have a diversity of culture and opinion within those businesses and teams, to allow the whole organisation to think globally when it comes to their environmental impact.

Working across borders is also key to both sustainability and diversity. In the sustainable sense, it allows us all to view environmental problems from a more well-rounded and less national sense. In the diverse sense, it allows us to remove borders and divisions from the way we view our world. Bringing together sustainability and diversity across borders allows us to bridge any divides to support both amazing causes.

As we continue efforts to develop a sustainable and diverse society, the links between the two concepts will only become deeper. People will continue to work to improve thinking along both sustainable and diverse lines as we all become more aware of their impact.