• Natasha Paramasamy

Empowered Women

We all celebrated International Women’s Day on the 8th of March, with the focus of breaking the bias that surrounds those who identify as a woman. In my lifetime I have seen so many empowering women, that it could not fit onto one page. However, what I have come to realise is that empowered women are not always the vision of empowerment that we have been fed by society. On social media, I see a lot of girl bosses that own their own businesses and take those positions of power for themselves. This is such an amazing thing to see, and to have the ability to see women in power makes me feel proud to be a woman.

However, this isn’t the reality for a lot of women. For International Women’s Day, I really wanted to celebrate all women from all walks of life. The women who do not own businesses, but keep their houses running. The full-time mums invest themselves physically and emotionally 24 hours of every day but are always there for their children. The women who work regular 9-5 jobs and keep our society functioning. The celebration of these women is pivotal because these are the women that we count on for the day-to-day living. With social media, Zoom, and the celebration of young entrepreneurs, there is more pressure than ever to look – and be – young and beautiful. This places more societal pressure on women and in turn creates an atmosphere for men to devalue women and their talents. Our power and strength are not limited to appearance or age, and that is the message that we need to stress to all women out there. We are not just a figure of beauty that men admire, we are powerful beings. We are mothers, sisters, game-changers, bosses- but above all, we are human.

From my own experience, I have always learned from media and society that my ultimate goal should be to settle down and get married. Luckily, I have a dad that has always told me that education is much more important, and to be happy. I think it is time we normalise women not just focusing on finding our ‘life partner’ and getting married, but to focus on the path they want to take and respecting that choice. Whether it is to progress in their career, travel the world or find love- women should be able to feel comfortable and supported on any route that they choose to take.