Should leaders have mandated therapy?

I know therapy is still taboo in certain communities. A Lot of the time, you find that people believe that your religious faith will get you through whatever issues you may have mentally and we often than not realize that it’s not always the case.

Lately, I have done a lot of research on how to create a diverse and inclusive work environment and the one thing a lot of articles suggest is the importance of evaluating yourself, your behaviour, checking your unconscious bias and your contribution to the work environment.

Which got me thinking, how can leaders create a healthy working environment if they are not in a healthy mental state themselves??

If someone is struggling with mental issues, struggles with insecurity or self-value etc, how do we expect those very same people to nurture a positive healthy work environment? After all, they are human too!

Lately, I have been obsessed with one of the latest trending YouTube series called Blue Therapy, a show about two couples who seek counselling to help fix the problems they are having in their relationship. One of the main reasons I like the show so much is that it not only highlights the importance of seeking therapy as couples but also how important it is to go for yourself. When you listen to how these couples listen and talk to each other, you quickly notice that some of these individuals are struggling with certain things and it makes them react negatively towards their partner, and probably to people in their social circle. I mean the things we struggle with mentally not only affects our relationships but also affects how we communicate with our colleagues, friends and random people that we meet in our day to day.

We have heard stories of how bosses belittle their staff because they may be more qualified, smarter or better at social interactions than they are. Those are clear signs of insecurities and how do we expect someone like that to evaluate and judge themselves accurately when they don’t have the tools or the guidance to do so accurately. How can we expect real positive change when our employers or leaders don’t take the necessary steps to evaluate their mental being and take notice of behaviours that they may not realize affects how they interact with people?

Is it too extreme to suggest that leaders go to therapy? At the same time would it not be beneficial to not just them on a personal level but professional and social level because then they get to be aware of certain behavioural patterns that may affect them and people negatively and actually be in a position to do something about it. They are then given the tools to not only deal with the underlying issues but are also able to understand people’s concerns and be open to change.

I think it’s something we should consider. After all, change starts with self.