I'm Shreya Parekh, founder of the DiveIn Network. Thank you for taking an interest. I hope you find it useful as well as inspiring.

I created this network because I want to create a community of diverse people who work for or aspire to work for companies of all sizes; with a mission of helping companies immerse themselves in a diverse and inclusive workplace.


When I was growing up I didn't feel different. I chose the friends I chose and hung out in the places I wanted to. I didn't really feel excluded or feel like there was an issue with inclusion for me. I always thought that wherever I go I belonged there and had every right to be there no matter what others were thinking. Some people made me feel like I had an issue because I chose to be around people because they were people and not because they were the same as me.


When I started work, I questioned more. It really became more apparent - I saw that there wasn't much diversity in the workplace, events, shows, meetings, university...I didn't understand why. We are all out there.

I believe that no matter what your race - if we all work together authentically, without judgement and through learning and understanding; we can create a truly amazing, diverse, inclusive & successful workplace where we all belong.

So here is the DiveIn Network. Our mission is to bring people together from all backgrounds to meet, learn and create opportunities.

If you have any questions, feel free to email us. And please do follow us on social media.

All the best, Shreya